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Compare Courier Insurance makes it easy for you to get cheap courier insurance quotes online. We can provide cover for owner drivers and the self-employed. Cover is available for small to mid-size courier companies and large national companies.

Courier ´╗┐insurance is an important component of any type of carrier business. If the goods that you transport can be easily sold on the black market or are valuable then your business may become the victim of theft. Every courier business needs a good level of cover in place to protect against the loss or damage of goods that you are couriering.

Because of the inherent risks, policies for courier insurance can be expensive and it will pay to compare what options are currently available in the marketplace. One approach to potential savings is to get multiple quotes and compare what is included and not included and the policy price.

Business Services

Food Courier Insurance

Food delivery insurance is essential for anyone providing a food courier service. The delivery service may be a scooter, bicycle, motorbike or small car. If you provide this service, take note that standard insurance does not extend to using your mode of transport as a delivery vehicle. You will need a special type of insurance which is sometimes referred to as food courier insurance. We can provide you with multiple quotes for this specialist insurance.

Courier Motorcycle Insurance

Courier motorcycle insurance offers valuable protection to you or your courier drivers. Getting this type of courier cover can be expensive, as such it pays to do some research and compare courier insurance policies on offer from multiple UK insurance brokers. The price should not be the only indicator used when selecting a policy it is very important that the policy meets fully with your individual or business requirements as we mention in the following paragraph going for cheap may leave you under insured which will put your business at risk when it comes time to activate your insurance policy.

Car Insurance

Do you car insurance for food delivery? Courier insurance whilst not legally compulsory will protect your courier transportation business. A standard motor policy will provide cover for your vehicle, but will not cover the items that you may be transporting in your car.

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