Coney Express Couriers

Make Coney Express your first choice for all your domestic or commercial deliveries. With access to the UKs largest courier network, you can be sure of our same day delivery promise to anywhere on the mainland U.K. In same cases we can also provide same day courier services to the U.K. islands. Coney Express doesn't stop at the borders - we can also offer great value next day delivery to Europe and beyond, and scheduled delivery for regular courier services.

Check out our sports holiday equipment service and avoid the excess baggage charges at airports. Whether you're skiing, scuba diving or indulging in a round of golf, Coney Express will look after your skis, tanks, clubs and other equipment from your door right to the hotel. Never be a victim of overzealous baggage handlers again! We offer fast pick-up where ever you're package originates and fast delivery with our satellite traffic monitoring.