M & L Courier Service

Based in Canterbury in Kent, M and L Courier Service operates a nationwide, cost-effective delivery service; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We appreciate that businesses constantly have to respond to the demands of their clients in a fast paced business environment and we ensure your consignments arrive in the most professional way with every single delivery we make. We understand that you require a Courier service that delivers its promises as well as its consignments efficiently and professionally at a great rate, with absolutely minimal fuss. These are the promises M and L delivers on. Whether you're looking for a reliable Courier service to meet the needs of your business, or you're simply someone who needs a consignment delivered quickly and safely with total peace of mind, M and L Courier Service is the Courier service for you. M and L Courier Service specialises in getting your urgent consignments delivered as efficiently as possible.