Rap-Ex Manchester Couriers

Rap-Ex Couriers Ltd was formed in 2002 and has grown from a small business that employed 2 people and was run from an attic room in the family house to a business that now has an office team of 4 and access to over a 100 vehicles and drivers. When we formed in 2002 we only offered one type of service which was sameday but as we have grown we have become one of the most flexible Courier & transport companies around.

Many years ago as our customers began to trust us we found that they didn’t just want us to supply dedicated sameday vehicles they wanted us to expand and offer different services so that they the customer didn’t have to go to several different suppliers to fulfil all there transport needs. Over the years we have expanded our portfolio of services and partners throughout the country so we can now offer the most diverse range of transport solutions so you the customer only have to look in one place.