Cougar Courier Services

We continually strive for excellence in what we do and have the necessary expertise from the boardroom down to ensure that our service will always meet your exact requirements.

Our approach is unique within the same-day courier industry, for we are service-led first and last. We recognise that we are acting as ambassadors of your company when delivering consignments to your customers, and ask only that you try our service once to see for yourself the real benefits that we can bring to your business. Please judge us on our merits and not on our words.

Many courier companies evolve from a one-man-and-van scenario that grows. Cougar is different. Founded in 1983, the directors of Cougar Couriers are from professional backgrounds, with plc experience and an extensive knowledge of the same-day courier industry. We have been successful because of our service-orientated philosophy, and today Cougar Couriers stands at the forefront of the premium same-day courier industry.